"There are three responses to a piece of design yes, no, and wow. wow is the one we aim for"


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Prolog Design

Prolog Design is a design agency based both in Israel and UK. We work with businesses from around the world on branding, website, business presentations and digital marketing projects. We Help Businesses Globally with Custom Logo Design, Brand Identity, Branding, Strategy and Marketing for Web and Print. Level up the experience your consumers have with your brand by upgrading your imagery with our graphic design services


Presentation Design

When it comes to presentations, you name it, we can do it. We offer messaging, visualizing data, storyboarding, animation, triggers.

Brochure & Ads Design

If you would like us to create the perfect brochure for you that creates the right impact and enhances your brand image rather than eroding it, then please call us today to discuss your project.

Advanced Web design

We need a website that is easy to update, easy to maintain, and properly represents our business and its vision.

Packaging Design

The package design is the only instrument that can create the right impression, properly introduce the product, reveal its values, and draw attention to itself. The package design is equally important for the returning customer.

Social Media design

In social settings, you should always look your best. we provide social media design services to help companies effectively brand their social media channels

Logo Design

Making a positive impression starts with your logo design: it is the heart and face of your Brand.


Banner & Microsite Design

When you’re looking to create ads for your display network, affiliate program, or online advertising campaign, you don’t want to settle for any boring old graphic or animated GIF. You want something engaging, interesting, and unique.

design process

Office Supplies


We present these concepts to you, explaining the rational behind each and why they all be successful

Office Supplies


We sketch out ideas so as to work effictntly and get the proper visual selution

Office Supplies


We hit the books/internet to learn about your industry and your competitors. We do this to ensure you get the best visual solution possible.

Office Supplies


We meet & learn about your business and set goals for the project

Office Supplies


All of us let the world know about your ___ excitement ensues.

Office Supplies


When there all good to go, we deliver the files to you

Office Supplies


We ask to choose one concept and focus on that. Then we work on revising the concept so it meets the goals outlined and makes you happy

Office Supplies


We settle on our first draft design concepts. Usually 3, sometimes more, sometimes less


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We know you have something great and we’d love to get involved!

Whether you want to work on branding and identity,  a bespoke website or cloud platform, were all about exceptional results.

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