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Prolog Outsourcing, part of the Prolog Group, provides customers with reliable and convenient outsourcing services. Prolog’s services are a great fit for organizations that want to optimize the structure of their human resources by outsourcing activities, projects, processes, and special tasks, knowing that the quality of work is monitored, and that full responsibility is taken for the results.

Prolog Outsourcing has a smart and innovative employee recruitment system that understands an organization’s business requirements and recruits the right manpower accordingly. Prolog’s distinctiveness manifests in its rapid recruitment, which is often completed in a few short days. Our experience in the industry makes us more efficient, has given us an in-depth understanding of our customers’ needs, and the ability to precisely focus on these needs.  


Our employs

One of the greatest challenges for an organization that employs outsourced workers is making the employee feel that s/he is a part of the organization and subsequently increasing the employee’s commitment and productivity. Therefore, we created an organizational framework that simulates the employer’s in-house structure, thereby improving the employee’s satisfaction and increasing his/her commitment to said employer.

The employee’s sense of belonging, coupled with Prolog’s investment in training and professional development, ensure the employees’ satisfaction and significantly increase the likelihood that s/he will stay with the company in the long run.

Our Services



The option of embedding personnel permanently or on a per-project basis



Specialized consultants and experts in all of Prolog Group’s business domains



offshore outsourcing, or hourly consultation



Quick set up of high-quality technological teams



by Prolog Group’s various unit managers, to address professional problems at all stages of the project



Targeted placement services

Prolog Advantage



The need to focus on a certain project may create a situation where it’s disadvantageous for an organization to hire employees, however, the organization shouldn’t have to give up on the project only because of its lack of designated personnel


Lowering the organization’s load

Outsourcing services minimizes the obstacles the company needs to contend with since the Group has the requisite knowledge to deal with these issues


New knowledge for the organization

Prolog Group’s accessible knowledge enables its customers to receive the best services from experts in the industry


Lowering costs

All aspects of direct employment costs of specialized personnel, from salary to social benefits



Outsourcing services, offshore outsourcing, or hourly consultation

In brief, Prolog Outsourcing currently provides professional outsourcing services that feel like an integral part of the organization rather than like an outsider, and unlike contract workers, originate from a parent company that has trained them specifically to deliver the best service possible to the organization they are embedded in. Moreover, Prolog Outsourcing has a unique approach called Outsourcing In-house 360, which offers the employee the same terms the company employees benefit from, thus increasing employee's sense of belonging and subsequent satisfaction and performance

About Us

Prolog Group

The Prolog Group consolidates professional domains to provide organizations with professional and experienced personnel to meet project goals with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

We strive to provide the customer with resources at a standard that exceeds his specifications while sticking to the set budget, in order to significantly increase the likelihood of successfully meeting the set goals and to ensure that the project is planned and executed at the highest level.

We also work to develop the organization’s knowledge while assisting the project’s internal professional team.

Prolog is the only group that can manage end-to-end projects in Israel and worldwide, and to take full responsibility for its delivery and quality. We are currently carrying out projects in China, Brazil, Europe, United States, and Israel, of course.

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Global Company

Prolog mainly works with global companies that seek a world-class comprehensive project management solution while maintaining uniform standards and centralized control. We combine and implement solutions to monitor the project’s progress while managing it. These monitoring tools are unique to Prolog and are included as part of the project management service.    

Prolog’s point of departure and what sets it apart is in its in-depth understanding of the organization’s business needs, and its ability to accordingly assign the right professional team to the project. Prolog is engaged in a variety of domains, offering the organization a comprehensive solution.

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