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Nissan Yehudai

Division Manager

 Strategic Packaging Management enables a better understanding of business needs and aligns compliance with industry regulations and standards. Packaging Management is applied to primary, secondary and tertiary materials, which may lead to potential savings. You can benefit from my 20 years experience in consumer good global companies, as: Packaging  development expert with technical and broad industrial experience. Strategic Procurement specialist with proven experience and knowledge in multinational commercial agreements. Graduated as B.Sc. Mechanical Engineer with M.Sc. business & administration degree.

About Prolog Packaging

Strategic Packaging Management provides a holistic solution throughout the value chain – from the procurement and supply chain, operation process, environmental considerations, to safe, secure, and appealing packaging at the point of sale. With the right packaging solution, your customers and consumers will benefit from attractive and convenient packaging. You can utilize our extensive experience and methodologies for optimal packaging management that delivers growth drivers along with optimization and a high degree of efficiency. 



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