Packaging Materials Specification Management​


Packaging Materials Specification Management​

Packaging specification plays a key role in products development process, with various functionalities throughout the product lifecycle. When you define the packaging specifications you must explore and understand all the needs and constraints, i.e. from protecting the product content to the performance in production lines and supply chain, visibility and appearance at the point of sale, convenience usage by the consumer and the packaging’s end of life.

Packaging specifications are used as a platform for all contributors and stakeholders, i.e. production, quality assurance, procurement, marketing and packaging vendors. It must contain specific and general information to ensure you will achieve the desired performance throughout the entire value chain. There are various parameters that should be taken in consideration, such as:

Material style

Direct contact

Intended use

A detailed composition of the material

The material’s dimensions and grammage

Material testing and performance

Storage and environmental conditions

Drawing, layouts and other references

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